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Overheard in Montreal

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2nd August 2011

dgg9:27am: You sure you want to drive here?
Heard this on the radio. (Talking about that section of the Ville Marie Expressway that collapsed)

"Well folks, it's official. Driving in this city is statistically more dangerous than flying, bungee cord jumping and driving under the influence."
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30th June 2010

aiyunki2:12am: Daikon Gaming
To all attendees, there will be video game free play periods throughout the day along with our regular gaming program. Please feel free to bring your own games to play at the convention during the video game free play periods.

Please visit the website at http://daikonblog.wordpress.com/ for more details.
There will be more updates so please check back regularly.

17th June 2010

aiyunki11:59pm: DAIKON @ Montreal, Quebec
Please remove if not allowed.
Thanks in advance.

Daikon is a one day convention catering to Anime and Asian Entertainment in the Montreal downtown area. Daikon will be held on July 3rd, 2010, at the Holiday Inn, 420 Sherbrooke West , Montreal, Quebec.

Fans can enjoy screenings, gaming, exhibitors and more at Daikon. Daikon is a great way to kick off with the summer by hanging out and making new friends, spreading fandom and enjoying events.

A portion of the proceeds at Daikon 2010 will be donated to the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation.

There will be a raffle contest hosted at the convention. A draw will be made every 2 hours during the convention for prizes. For further contest details please visit our website.

At Door Registration

$3.00 (for all ages)

For more information regarding Artist Alley and Volunteer sign up, please visit: http://daikonblog.wordpress.com/
Please check back at the website regularly for more updates. Can't wait to see you there.

22nd April 2010

angelys8:58am: "who will win tomorrow? The results are problematic. Even God the father doesn't know. I asked him and he said, I dont know."

... I always get the most interesting people in the metro, I'm telling you!
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3rd September 2009

dgg4:01pm: At the Subways
Client 1: “Wow. Lots of teenagers here.”

Client 2: “Must be their lunch break. Kids are back to school this week.”

Client 1: “Ah! No wonder my internet connection is no longer slow.”
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31st July 2009

dgg9:17am: Decisions, decisions
Salegirl: "So do you think it is going to rain?"

Client: "I'm not sure how to answer that."

Salesgirl: "You're not sure if it is going to rain or not?"

Client: "No, I'm not sure if I should be sarcastic or not."
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4th September 2008

bee_york9:57pm: "He's Asian, so I can't tell how old he is! He could be 20, he could be 45..."

-random white chick on her cell in front of the Library Building at Concordia
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3rd July 2008

sinistercircus12:40am: Like in the movies...
Overheard on the 204 bus.

Girl and boy had been arguing since they got on the bus, near Lindsey Place HighSchool. There were two other people on the bus, including myself. About three stops later, near Yazoo pet store, an middle-aged woman gets on the bus. The couple's bickering continues.

Girl: (yelling) "You know, if you stopped drinking every f***ing day, maybe you wouldn't be so f***ing poor."
Boy: (cooly) "If you had a drink once a month, maybe you wouldn't be such a bitch."
Girl: (starts to get off the bus) "You know what? Stay on the bus and go back home. It turns around at Dorval. I'm outta here."
Boy: (follows her) "Wait what?!"

They get off and continue arguing as the bus drives away. It's really quiet on the bus, until about one minute later.

Middle-aged Woman: "Sometimes it's great to be single, huh? Who needs a man. Get a dog."

15th May 2008

leftof_thedial4:00pm:  Guy 1: I like your shirt, man.
Guy 2: Thanks...
Guy 1: You always wear energetic shirts, man. I like it.

Definition of energetic: possessing or exerting or displaying energy. I think someone needs to make friends with the dictionary again.

Same guys.
Guy 1: You like it here, in montreal?
Guy 2: Yeah, it's nice.
Guy 1: If you need anything, man. Anything at all.
Guy 3: Prescriptions.... prescription medications.... 


8th May 2008

dgg8:27am: I know intelligence is a prerequisite, but...
Overheard on the bus. I was sitting behind these two 18-year old girls...

Girl 1: "It's not, like, y'know...I hate the job or anything, it's just that they sometimes ask me to do shit I don't wanna do."

Girl 2: "Why don't you quit?"

Girl 1: "I might...I dunno...Anyways, the manager is going on vacation for two weeks. I plan to take, like, y'know... full advantage."

Girl 2: "I see...Hey, how's Mike?"

Girl 1: "Mike?"

Girl 2: "Mike! Your boyfriend?"

Girl 1: "Oh! *lol* He's fine I guess. I dunno. I think I might break up with him."

Girl 2: "Why?"

Girl 1: "I dunno...I feel like I am too smart for him."
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18th March 2008

supermichelle5:19pm: pharmacist to another pharmacist in a hospital in mtl..

"And the nurse wrote on the prescription.. 'ASAPSVP'  only in montreal would you get 'as soon as possible.. s'il vous plait"

17th March 2008

loveasaverb9:58pm: In line at Tim Horton's today..

Girl: .............shot the harp seals.
Guy: And this is in Canada?
Girl: No, the Arctic

WAIT WHAT? Nevermind the fact that these seals are usually hunted in Newfoundland & Labrador, but sovereignty ends at the Arctic Circle?! Yeah, I laughed, but at least turned away politely.

20th January 2008

contradictoire1:22pm: i just thought i'd tell you about Entendu à Montréal
it's exactly like overheardmtl but a bit more active & in french.

22nd December 2007

odetothepillow6:33pm: Let me guess who was wearing the pants...
Two men in their late 20s walk down Saint-Viateur:
"Dude, the thing is you kept trying to break up with her so many times... The deal is she kept vetoing it!"

26th November 2007

oh_susieq9:57pm: “Yeah, I’m feeling really jaded today. Like earlier, I saw this couple making out and I just wanted to yell, HE HAS AIDS!”

- Shannon bannon
dgg10:03am: Obviously an American Tourist
Hey I don't enforce the stereotype, I just write them as I observed them.

American Tourist #1: “I don’t understand why nothing is written in English! Don’t these people know that tourists can’t read French!?”

American Tourist #2: “I don’t see why the locals complain. The winters here are so pretty!”

American Tourist #3: “So I asked her, ‘Why am I being charged $20 extra!?’ and she says ‘taxes’. $20 in f*cking taxes!? That’s outrageous! I don’t see why I have to pay that!”

American Tourist #4: “Well he said he was from Mun-tree-al but I think he was pulling my leg because his English was really good!”
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6th July 2007

loveasaverb10:21pm: Really?
"YES it is your fault it broke down because you smoked nine-hundred and fifty THOUSAND cigarettes in it tonight!"

-someone walking by my window, presumably yelling about their car.

1st July 2007

odetothepillow3:18am: Is the food that bad over there?
Two women and a man walk up Drummond and stop to take a random picture in front of a chichi restaurant.

WOMAN: If I lived here, I'd never move back to Saskatchewan.

30th May 2007

odetothepillow12:24pm: La France devrait se separer du Royaume-Uni.
A Casa del popolo, un Francais de France approche le comptoir...

FRANCAIS: Je pourrais avoir un cookie?
SERVEUSE: Un quoi?
FRANCAIS: Un cookie.
SERVEUSE: Ca s'appelle un biscuit! Parle donc francais!

x-posted to my journal

27th May 2007

neverthelessjes2:48am: "I only care about the care, I don't care about the guy driving it."

Some girl as I was biking along Sherbrooke, past the McGill gates...

3rd May 2007


i work in a library --

petit garçon tout petit: madame, je cherche des livres sur les autos, mais je sais pas comment ça s'écrit, je sais que ça commence par "O" et "T"..

me: :D

2nd May 2007

v0idnull1:47pm: The French Defeat the Americans
smoking a cigarette in pointe st. charles, two people are locked in a debate.

American: "Who does all the killing in Iraq?"
Quebecer: "Well, I imagine its the rebels."
American: "And where are these rebels from. They aren't Iraqi, they are Al Queada forces"
Quebecer: "And they weren't there till you showed up"
American: "I...uh...eh... ..."
axonbiologist12:31am: A change of pace, but it is what i overheard . . .

A 17 year old girl sits in a Cadillac and yells at a boy of about the same age lying in the passenger seat, with the seat all the way reclined, looking away from her. The dashboard lights dully illuminate them both. The girl is blond and skinny, with a tight face, and she is yelling so loudly that she can be heard outside of the car, down the block. The boy has black hair, shorn diagonally across his face. His face is in a state of total otherness.

FUCK YOU! i DON'T deserve this! How could you say I earned it? 
         (sobs as the boy mutters something.)
Get out of the car!

          (They both sit in silence.)

30th April 2007

eli_l11:54pm: Comme...
Vendeuse au téléphone: Je suis comme encore laide mais cute, comme dans le temps que j'étais laitte.

Entendu au Ardène, rue Ste-Catherine.
Current Mood: confused

19th April 2007

mrxsleaze12:47pm: overheard at work;
male coworker 1: "i wasn't looking at his legs."

female coworker: "neither was i. that woulda been kinda awkward..."

male coworker 2: "i was."

male coworker 1: "... that's kinda weird."

male coworker 2: "it's an argentinian thing, because of soccer; we look at guys' legs."

(me: "that's kinda hot.")
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